Viktoria & Woods Chadstone


Set in Chadstone – a world-renowned shopping destination for fashion – the new Flagship Viktoria & Woods store encapsulates the essence of its brand ethos: effortless, minimalist and modern.

GOLDEN sought to create an interior that stood out from surrounding retailers by offering a minimal and restrained interior as calming contrast to the intensity of its surrounds. The openness and symmetry of the layout supports a fluid customer journey, and simple, refrained joinery is elevated by textural, luxurious natural materials. Clothes rails and shoe plinths are illuminated around the perimeter of the store, showcasing Viktoria & Woods’ product in a gallery-like environment.

GOLDEN maintained the maximum height of the store windows, entrance and ceiling, introducing curves to soften the arrival experience and lead the eye into the store. Natural light through the nearby atrium softly reflects on the luxurious stucco wall finish of the façade to enhance the Viktoria & Woods boutique with a subtle glow. The openness and control of the spatial composition allows for fluid movement, the concealed, recessed lighting which illuminate the clothes rails and shoe plinths enhancing perimeter surroundings. Clothes are displayed on the rails in front hang or side hang, shoes and accessories showcased throughout, exhibited like objects of art as a nod to European ateliers

All joinery is functional and beautiful, with nothing superfluous or overdesigned. The point-of-sale counter in Quartzite is the hero of the fit out. Sitting in the centre of the space, it purposefully faces sideways to be welcoming and subtle, and its slight green hues lend a gentle luminosity to the space. The Nestos Marble shelving also provides a luminous effect with onyx-like qualities, and the product table is tiled with handcrafted Japanese INAX mosaics that have an organic stippled texture and natural ceramic appearance.


Furniture: Lucy Montgomery, District, INAX, Artdomus, James Howe. Lighting: Ambience Lighting. Finishes: Parthenon, Kvadrat, Gibbons Group. Fittings & Fixtures: Spark and Burnish.


Photography: Timothy Kaye.