Russell & George

Smell is the most illusive of senses. It’s transformative. In one moment you can be taken back to a hundred different memories and places; to past loves, losses, or to dreams and moments you hadn’t pondered in years. LKNU is a master perfumer. Its owner, Lee Khan, has collected and curated over 600 different fragrances from over 80 independent, indie, and boutique perfume houses all over the world. With a cult online following, the LKNU Emporium store is the first bricks and mortar site for this respected brand.

Designed as an abstracted flower, the store is a veritable curiosity cabinet of sensory experience, showcasing perfumes, fragrances, home products; and a library of enviable reference literature. LKNU is the go-to place if you want to explore your sense of smell. Scents are displayed on the large tiered central island, with circular oak platforms displaying a range of scents grouped by perfume house. You are free to browse around this island and explore each product. Each platform is individually illuminated by a tubular white steel spotlight, which en masse resembles the stamen of a flower. A signature perfume house display and the library flank the side walls.

The design here offers a perfect balance between highlighting and celebrating a diverse range of brands, and the calm, tranquil space required to truly explore each fragrance individually, without distraction. The environment is warm and welcoming – the owner did not want anyone to feel intimidated coming into the space. All parts are in perfect equipoise, with lighting only on the product; soft, neutral tones, and calm lighting, creating a warm, welcoming space when viewing the store from outside, while the beauty and jewel-like nature of each product is perfectly displayed for the customer to explore. The store is a metaphor for the product – a perfect balance of sensory notes, creating just the right mood.


Furniture: JRF. Lighting: Sphera. Finishes: Ox Finishes, Dulux, Polytec, Alternative Surfaces, Boral, CSR, Viridian, Locker Group, Laminex. Fittings & Fixtures: Blum.


Photography: Sean Fennessy.