Hafary Gallery

Park + Associates

The Hafary Gallery is a 43,000 sq ft showroom designed to showcase a curated selection of materials, ranging from towering large format tiles to exotic stones. Designed as a sprawling series of zones, customers enter and go on a dream-like journey through a wonderland of tiles and stones. One is encouraged to tap into their playful and curious side as they meander through the showroom and discover the endless possibilities of what a material can be.

The brief was to design an extension of an existing showroom for Hafary, a Singaporean material supplier specialising in tiles. Apart from the creation of a retail space, the brand story of focusing on customer centricity had to be conveyed, whilst still catering to the diverse design needs found locally.

With that in mind, Park + Associates thought about how the entire experience could be invigorated through redefining the traditionally transactional process of material shopping. This meant steering away from the conventional showroom typology that often showcases an endless plethora of collections placed neatly side by side.

The result is the creation of a visual spectacle. The Hafary Gallery enchants one’s imagination by drawing them into a series of curated and surreal experiential spaces. Each area within the Gallery has been designed with a unique stylistic approach. Customers are offered a differentiated experience at every turn, ranging from enigmatic spaces to those found in our everyday lives i.e. living spaces or bathrooms. Though individually distinct, spaces are coherently themed, where the change of style and materials hinting at spatial transitions can only be subtly felt as one traipses from one zone to the next.


Lighting: Aristo Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd, M Illuminazione Pte Ltd. Finishes: Hafary, Ceramica Ferres, Ornamenta, Atlas Concorde, Mirage, Lapitec, Salvatori, Florim, Kreoo, Antolini, Agglotech, Inax, Marmo Resina.


Photography: Khoo Guo Jie (Image 2-4), Beixin & Robin (Image 1).