Marc Tan, Amy Lim

Studio Periphery / Pupil Office

Marc (Studio Periphery): Establishing Studio Periphery was both a response to a gap I noticed in Singapore’s architectural photography scene and a pursuit of my own ambitions. I perceived a lack of a softer, more human touch in the portrayal of spaces, which prompted me to draw from my background in fashion and lifestyle photography. My studio became a platform for exploration, allowing me to experiment with new styles and techniques while aiming for authenticity and connection. By incorporating intricate details and lifestyle imagery, I sought to infuse warmth and emotion into each project, enhancing its relatability. Studio Periphery represents not only a professional endeavour but also a personal goal to tell compelling stories and forge meaningful connections through photography.

Amy (Pupil Office): Starting Pupil Office in 2020 was both spontaneous and deliberate. During my pre-university years, I harboured a desire to pursue a career in a design-related field. However, at that time, I lacked the necessary maturity and direction, feeling somewhat adrift. Venturing into design without a clear purpose would have been merely impulsive. After years in advertising, ultimately, the catalyst for transitioning into interior design was a deep-seated desire to evoke emotional responses from people who encountered our living spaces. Marc’s journey into interior and architectural photography further inspired me, and his passion for capturing the essence of spaces resonated deeply. Combining our aspirations is ultimately what led me to make this decision, driven by a desire to align my professional endeavours with my core values – a convergence of personal ambition and a commitment to creating spaces that evoke genuine emotions.


Photography: Studio Periphery