Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu

Co-founders, HCCH Studio

Five years ago, after working in some of the world’s most respected architecture offices for years, we felt the urge to mix all these experiences and explore our own way of expression, in terms of form and materiality. Besides, we had a strong curiosity to observe and possibly join the dynamic of social economic mutation, taking architectural design as a medium to talk to and at the same time, to challenge its surroundings.

When we started our own office at a relatively not-so-young age, there already emerged some young practices in China and most of them were working on informal rural projects. We were not content with playing only with vernacular or idyllic styles. We see the world as a network of tension, and we have a strong interest to reveal these contradictory characters in our projects: rough-delicate, crafts-fabrication, fault tolerant- precise, tangible-abstract. We cherish quality and elegance even under the most restricted conditions (budget, site condition, regulation, etc.)


Photography: Qingyan Zhu, HCCH Studio, Fangfang Tian