Evelyn Jingjie Wong


JUJURWORK (JJW) emerged amid the lockdowns, marking a period of profound exploration. Delving into the overlooked corners of my hometown during restrictions, I immersed myself in the local library’s archives, sparking a deep interest in the cultural and historical richness within Malaysia.

My experiences in Chicago, particularly my Modernist education at IIT, allowed me to explore the complexities of segregated communities, the impact of policy-making on neighborhoods, and the challenges of preserving cultural sites in evolving urban landscapes.

Co-founding PINESARCH in Shanghai further exposed me to the resourcefulness and agility of people in adapting to China’s top-down policy approach. These experiences provided critical perspectives on contemporary challenges like overconsumption, globalisation, and our relationship with technology.

JJW officially took root in 2022 when I led the design for a café restaurant set to inhabit a historic building in Kuantan, a city on the less industrialised east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This project marked a pivotal moment, fueling my commitment to a new architectural practice that bridges societal gaps, addressing Malaysia’s post-colonial national identity crisis, and regional intricacies.

Through events that bring the community together and exhibits showcasing cultural and historical elements, JUJURWORK aims to rekindle community bonds and raise awareness about the crucial role of architecture in shaping identity and sense of place. JJW is committed to self-awareness within our time, navigating the delicate balance between conservation and production. As we grow, we strive to be conscientious designers, contributing meaningfully to our regional architectural identity, and to create purposeful and impactful interventions.


Photography: JUJURWORK, David Yeow, Guo Zhe, HAS Architecture