Natalie Parke

Dessein Park
New Zealand/Aotearoa

From a young age, Natalie Parke was taken by family to art galleries and auction houses and became familiar with a wide range of aesthetics and styles. This beginning was influential, and supported her boundless curiosity.

Since the inception of her practice Dessein Parke, Parke has explored the creation of spaces that are idiosyncratically designed for, and connected to, the people inhabiting them. In reality, this means working in a niche and sometimes experimental zone, pushing the boundaries to create something that is unique.

Parke says that “a good interior is a robust one”. Consequently, she designs with materials and rationales that are enduring, rather than trend-driven. She asserts that spaces designed this way tend to be timeless but also relatable, which is always her goal.

To this designer, the beautiful and powerful thing about her practice is that there are no right or wrong answers, only personal needs and preferences which drive the outcomes. She believes in supporting and guiding her clients through the process and helping them to build confidence in their own decision-making processes so they have confidence in creating something that is authentically their own.

Parke believes in creating and forming spaces that address the needs of their user from a holistic, visceral and healing environment perspective. This subconsciously affects mood, energy and wellness through colour, form and materiality, in ways that are beneficial for the people that inhabit them.


Photography: Sam Hartnett