Matilda Sung & Hoa Huang

Graphite Studio

Graphite Studio was established, and is to this day, a boutique design studio for work environments. In a fast-paced and typically commercially driven sector, the practice created a speciality niche, existing between large global practices and design-and-build companies. The studio focuses on telling a design narrative of its clients, and shaping people-centred workplaces for the digital age. The ethos of the practice reflects a deliberate and purposeful design approach and presents a gentle dissent against the commercial sector’s common drivers of faster and cheaper outcomes.

The work of Graphite Studio is built on the craft of creating multi-layered work and social environments. Sung and Huang design spaces that elevate people’s daily lives and interactions, especially around the values of individual choice, joy and wellbeing. Their environments are not showpieces, instead, they are the backdrop of the changing theatre of everyday human connections. The pair believe that spaces should be designed to evolve with an organisation’s changes and reflect authentic and true sustainability. In the studio’s processes, BIM software is employed for all spatial modelling and drawings for the eventual integration of Smart Building/ digital twin technology into commercial interiors.

In the future, the duo hope to see more designers creating projects outside their cities and bringing their perspectives to another locale.


Photography: Graphite Studio, Owen Ragget, Weizhong