Brahman Perera

Brahman Perera

Establishing a solo design studio was a natural progression for Brahman Perera, having studied a Masters in Architecture and working for nearly a decade in Melbourne-based interior design studios.

He established his namesake practice in early 2020 at the age of 33, just weeks before the Victorian Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were imposed. Despite industry-wide difficulties at this time, the drive to start his own studio stemmed from a steadfast belief in his personal philosophies as a designer and excitement to collaborate closely with clients and wholly trust his instincts.

For the designer, working with clients on projects from nascent beginnings to satisfied completions is an intricate and rewarding experience that requires patience, hard work and a positive disposition. Since the studio’s inception, a portfolio of some twenty projects across the residential, workplace, hospitality and retail, sectors have been completed – each expressing a layered and personalised approach to design.

Perera’s approach to interior design is an all-encompassing practice that is not trend driven. Each project is approached with honesty and timelessness, with outcomes expressing an approach that is not confined to a specific style or context in the contemporary design vernacular.

Perera reflects that the Indo-Pacific region has a prosperous cultural diversity throughout, ranging from language and ethnicity through to religion, economies and arts. Collaboration is an important fundamental to being an interior designer. Embracing opportunities throughout and cross-pollinating with other creatives is what delivers significant and highly-developed outcomes.


Photography: Lillie Thompson