Siddhant Tikkoo & Nikita D’Silva


Having worked in the architecture and design industry during the formative years of their career, Siddhant Tikkoo and Nikita D’Silva found there was something missing – a learning environment. This was the instigation to establish their own studio, STaND. Their practice would allow them to research into the core subject of any project, regardless of scale, and bring the element of craft to their designs in ways that even surprises them at times!

Tikkoo and D’Silva love to focus on detail in their projects and it excites them to learn more about random things that eventually become ubiquitous. They feel that there is so much talent in craft making in India, that sometimes it is overlooked by fast paced consumerism, and so the duo strive to merge craft, technique and technology through collaboration with all stakeholders.

The duo would like to learn and share their knowledge with the world in multiple ways – be it by collaborations, training an associate or through their built work.

Progress in design from STaND’s context would be when people start to value the marriage of craft, technique and technology to better support the built environment which in turn would allow for a better quality of life for all. Tikkoo and D’Silva agree that the vast area of the Indo-Pacific region has so much culture that can inspire and more exchange of knowledge and ideas would be a great step forward.


Photography: Headshots courtesy of STaND; GOYAA courtesy of STaND; SUBKO by PARIZAD D; THREE TONE WOOD HOUSE by KUBER SHAH.