Ben Robertson

Tecture Architecture and Interior Design

Tecture was established as a result of a new found confidence. After working at several high-end practices in Melbourne, Ben Robertson began to notice a void in the architectural landscape and wanted to challenge the narrative of what ‘high-end’ means. This entailed an exploration of ways of designing homes with strong detailing, a more economical approach of materiality, architectural purity and minimalism all in an environment where the idea of clients employing an architect was not a prohibitive cost.

The ambition of Ben and Tecture is restrained. The practice is a team of four and the intent is to maintain this size to ensure that Ben can remain ‘on the tools’ on a daily basis. This also encourages a stronger team-based environment, but equally allows Ben to not just be a manager.

The approach at Tecture is progressive as there is a non-existent hierarchy, a tight-knit team, and internally, lines are blurred on project management and design.

Ben approaches each design with a structured program for each client to encourage a timely and rigorous outcome. This allows Tecture to manage the quantity of projects on the books, higher than firms of similar staff levels. There is also encouragement for economic and practical design decisions for clients that explore stronger design narratives as a result.

With a strong interior design background, the team encourage design solutions that create equilibrium between interiors and exteriors with neither being more important than the other.

As time progresses and the practice attains more presence within the industry, beyond the five years Tecture has existed, the processes and business structure should remain constant but with continued refinement. Over time, greater challenges, larger budgets and more detailed briefs are being presented to the practice and so too the opportunities to create more unique designs and expand its experimental approach


Photography: Damien Kook, Shannon McGrath, Peter Clarke