Tom Ferguson

Kidman Lane

Tom Ferguson
Tom Ferguson is an architectural and interiors photographer, based in Sydney but working nationally and internationally. Tom is also a registered architect and has over 25 years working in and photographing the built environment. Tom is interested in all types of projects from solo expeditions to multi-faceted team efforts.

The Project
An intriguing intervention into the fabric of backstreet Paddinghurst, this house on a corner block both shows it all off and keeps it all within. The block-like volume becomes a bridge when the lower storey is opened on both sides, revealing borrowed gardens from the houses behind.

A beautiful colour scheme draws an envelope around the site, running outside to in and back. Glimpsed from many locations in the surrounding streets, its asymmetric saw tooth roof has a diagrammatic shape, easily remembered and described on the back of a napkin.


Architect/Designer and any collaborators of the project: Architect: Phillip Arnold (Plus Minus Design), Colours: Sonia van de Haar (Lymesmith,) Landscape: Sue Barnsley