Jade Cantwell

Harry Passive House

Jade Cantwell
Jade grew up in Western Sydney, spent a few years travelling and then landed in Naarm/Melbourne (read: a bit cultured but also a bit bogan). She studied Media Arts and Film Production at the University of Technology Sydney, magical realism in literature at Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico and Arabic in Damascus just before the Arab Spring started. A failed painter, she loves colour and form, light and shadow and playing with composition.

The Project
Nestled in the coastal town of Anglesea along Victoria’s Surf Coast and inspired by timeless mid-century beach houses, this eco-friendly pad combines the laid-back charm of coastal living with a high performance twist.

Embracing the philosophy of ‘freedom is knowing you don’t need more than just enough’, this two-bedroom and one studio home prioritises efficiency and performance while maintaining a modest footprint. Harry Passive House also happens to be the home of James and Claire, the owners of Altereco Design, adding a unique layer of passion and dedication to this sustainable home.


Architect/Designer and any collaborators of the project: Altereco Design