Jack Lovel

Proclamation House

Jack Lovel
Jack Lovel is an architectural photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His work is known for its clean graphic style and timeless quality. Through the lens, he sensitively captures the architect’s intent, providing an honest and authentic representation of their vision.

Alongside his commercial practice and since 2016, Jack has been documenting Iwan Iwannoff’s architectural legacy in Western Australia, culminating in the release of his first book, Catching Light. This body of work was inspired by the Iwanoff-designed Jordanoff house that Jack grew up in. The project was featured at Modernism Week in Palm Springs and the London Festival of Architecture.

The Project
Nestled in the heart of Subiaco, a prominent inner-city suburb in Perth, Proclamation House stands as a contemporary reimagining of the quintessential character residences that define the locale.

Distinguished by its exclusive application of olive-toned render, the structure seamlessly blurs the distinctions between the surrounding environment, outer facade and internal spaces, meticulously crafting an atmosphere of unforeseen immersion.

The residence reinterprets the suburb’s archetypal, single-storey character homes with an abstract hand. The design echoes the proportion, volume and set-back of the local vernacular as an innovative response to strict planning guidelines, finding new expression in figurative, sweeping and angular planes.


Architect/Designer and any collaborators of the project: State Of Kin