Cieran Murphy

Sandringham House

Cieran Murphy
Cieran Murphy is a Brisbane-based photographer specialising in architectural photography and interior design documentation. Originally from England, Cieran has resided in Queensland for the last 12 years. His work has a heavy emphasis on line and form in his compositions. It makes sense that the eye for detail runs in the family. Cieran’s affinity with the built environment was stewarded from a young age by his architect father and exposure to architecture from a very young age. His interest in his medium extends therefore from professional, to personal.

The Project
This Tonkin Zulaikha Greer-designed multigenerational home in southern Sydney may be bold in its execution but is deeply grounded in its relationship to the environment. Perched above a sand dune on a slice of coastline in south Sydney is a home that is both sculptural and visionary. Grounded in a beautiful juxtaposition of textures, materiality, and form, the home, designed by TZG, brings together the organic, geometric, refined, and playful in unlikely harmony.

Located on a narrow block, the site once solely consisted of giant dunes sitting on the shores of Botany Bay. In thoughtful response to its context, the conceptual framework for Sandringham House combines the tones of the sand dunes with the classic brick bungalow-style vernacular.

Perhaps where the indoor / outdoor connection is most prevalent is in the succession of garden terraces that are located across various levels of the home. Introduced to complement the living spaces, these terraces offer alternate outdoor living areas and welcome greenery into the house – from the sunken fern garden in the basement to the ground-level kitchen garden and rooftop pergola.

The natural context of Sandringham is also woven into the internal fabric of the home, typified by the living room’s structural concrete roof that is an amalgam of Botany Bay seashells arranged with reference to geometric patterning and iconography. Given the proximity to wind, salt and sand, the home’s materiality is robust and durable.


Architect/Designer and any collaborators of the project: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG)