Takumi Ota

Fish Market

Takumi Ota (Takumi Ota Photography)
Takumi Ota became familiar with photography from his teenage years and the experience of working in a darkroom. He spent his school days learning about human science and decided to switch his major to photography midway through his studies. Currently he is photographing designers’ work as archives of architecture, interior design, and furniture. He is Based in Tokyo and was born in 1978.

The Project
Fish Market is in Kanazawa, which is known as a base of contemporary art in Japan in recent years. Within this Japanese provincial city, you can find well-preserved cityscapes and industrial arts by skilled craftsmen. What’s more, this building is produced by a contemporary artist, Hiraki Sawa. Two floors of the 50 year old building were converted to the residence for artists. The space itself has many experiments to inspire the visitors. The bedroom has huge flexible fluorescent coloured walls, which change the dynamics of the space. The kitchen is designed to create communication around the long counter to enjoy Kanazawa’s good seafood and Japanese sake.


Architect/Designer and collaborators of the project: Ab Rogers (Ab Rogers Design), Hiraki Sawa