Shannon McGrath

Evergreen House

Shannon McGrath
Shannon McGrath has been photographing architecture and interior design works for 25 years. She is commissioned by pre-eminent architects and designers around Australia for her ability to get under the skin of a project, and not only capture its pure essence but also her client’s formal design intent. Passionate and professional, Shannon’s images are known for their beautiful portrayal of light and form, with a soft realism that celebrates the subject matter.

The Project
Evergreen House was a lovely project to photograph with its connectivity to the landscape. This residence opened up with a courtyard that connected the family room to a private lounge area. The dining room connected to a lounge area and the kitchen, it had a beautiful flow.

Artist attributions: ‘Island under a red sky’ by Angela Brennan2008, Art by Noel McKenna, Mark Rodda, Mark Roper, ‘Golden’ By Henry Belynda 2018, Myles Young, Carlo Golin, Fletcher Arts.


Architect/Designer of the project: Robson Rak


Furniture: Robson Rak. Landscape: Eckersley Garden Architecture. Styling: Swee Design