David Chatfield

N House

David Chatfield
David Chatfield is a photographer from Queensland, Australia who works across architectural, fine-art and travel based projects. His work with the built environment seeks to extend beyond pure representational documentation to convey the intangible elements of the spatial and social experience whilst highlighting the interplay between light, shadow, and materiality in contemporary architecture.

The Project
Timothy Hill invited me to document N house, “as it was nearing completion” some 20 years into its life as a building. Set atop a cliff edge, the building is a masterpiece of adaptable design. Its brilliance is in its ability to blur the line between indoor/outdoor living without ever feeling vacuous, impersonal or unwelcoming through a great consideration of scale, materials, partitioning, and detailing. With most rooms accessible directly from the central courtyard, Timothy describes the project as a garden and walkways with a house at the peripheries.


Architect/Designer of the project: Donovan Hill