Natasha Mulhall

University of Tasmania School of Architecture and Design

Natasha Mulhall
Natasha Mulhall is an architectural and lifestyle photographer based in nipaluna/Hobart and works with many of Tasmania’s talented architects, designers and tourism brands.

She enjoys producing images that are project specific; engaging, textured and evocative. As an ex-interior Architect and experienced photographer, she brings professionalism, skill and warmth to each shoot. Natasha is a committee member of Image Maker’s Association and a member of Australian Women in Photography.

The Project
This was a fantastic and intensive multi-day shoot of the new teaching spaces for the UTAS School of Architecture and Design. I wanted to show the architect’s revitalisation of the former locomotive Diesel Workshop through the use of dynamic, flexible, contemporary and technologically sophisticated learning areas. Bold colours, a mix of intimate scaled spaces alongside triple-height spaces together with very contemporary and Heritage elements is incredibly satisfying to capture.


Architect/Designer of the project: XSquared Architects (XSA)