Natasha Mulhall

Larapi Child and Family Learning Centre, Wynyard

Natasha Mulhall
Natasha Mulhall is an architectural and lifestyle photographer based in nipaluna/Hobart and works with many of Tasmania’s talented architects, designers and tourism brands.

She enjoys producing images that are project specific; engaging, textured and evocative. As an ex-interior architect and experienced photographer, she brings professionalism, skill and warmth to each shoot. Natasha is a committee member of Image Maker’s Association and a member of Australian Women in Photography.

The Project
My intention was to capture the comfortable, positive and welcoming feeling of the building, which is a community child and family learning centre. I needed to capture spaces both with and without people; to be able to convey the array of interior and exterior spaces with functions of play, gathering and education. In addition, to communicate the domestic scale of the interiors, where parents are welcomed to play, learn and connect with their community and early childhood educators was crucial. Sensitivity was essential working with children, to show them enjoying the spaces, yet ensure trust and was paramount to me capturing these images.


Architect/Designer of the project: JAWS Architects