Jack Lovel

OneNinety St Georges

Jack Lovel
Jack Lovel is an architectural photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His work is known for its clean graphic style and timeless quality. Through the lens, he sensitively captures the architect’s intent, providing an honest and authentic representation of their vision.

Alongside his commercial practice and since 2016, Jack has been documenting Iwan Iwannoff’s architectural legacy in Western Australia, culminating in the release of his first book, Catching Light. This body of work was inspired by the Iwanoff-designed Jordanoff house that Jack grew up in. The project was featured at Modernism Week in Palm Springs and the London Festival of Architecture.

The Project
OneNinety is a departure from the traditional corporate lobby experience, representing a paradigm shift for the Perth CBD. Offering a boutique, club-like atmosphere, this hidden gem has been revitalised through a crafted, contextual approach that responds to the changing work culture of forward-looking tenants operating small to medium businesses.

The monolithic interior reflects the bold, Late Modern design language of the building’s original architecture, and the design took a layered, residential approach to furniture and finishes sourcing locally made where possible. The rich palette features extensive use of natural Western Australian materials.


Architect/Designer of the project: Donaldson Boshard Architects, Rezen Studio