​​Cieran Murphy

Total Fusion Platinum

​​Cieran Murphy
Cieran Murphy is a Brisbane-based photographer specialising in architectural photography and interior design documentation. Originally from England, Cieran has resided in Queensland for the last 12 years. His work has a heavy emphasis on line and form in his compositions. It makes sense that the eye for detail runs in the family. Cieran’s affinity with the built environment was stewarded from a young age by his architect father and exposure to architecture from a very young age. His interest in his medium extends therefore from professional, to personal.

The Project
Designed by architects Caroline Choker and Vince Alafaci of ACME, this 9000-square-metre project – Australia’s largest health club and fitness facility – has just been opened by Cavcorp. Giving off an unadulterated sense of luxury, Total Fusion Platinum prioritises health, wellbeing and sustainability, according to the designers.

The facility boasts a range of amenities, starting with a world-class, Olympic-level training area and rooftop recovery sanctuaries. The rooftop features Sukambi thermal pools with Roman-travertine surroundings, a snow-cave, saunas, an HBOT chamber, floatation tanks and a salt cave – all designed to bring images of a Roman bathhouse to mind. A rooftop cafe and bar offer a seasonal farm-to-table menu, creating an elegant and rejuvenating atmosphere.

The reception area and lobby lounge, located beneath the five-story ‘Tree of Life,’ welcome guests with a grandiose hotel-style setting. This space is illuminated by a reflective, mirror-faced oculus skylight and surrounded by a light-filled atrium made from lime plaster and metal.

A central fire pit, sunken verdant lounge and glass-brick entrance are included with a view to promoting cognitive stimulation and social interaction. Additional features such as a fishpond, co-working hub and podcast studio contribute to the overall ambiance.

Another grandly named architectural element is the ‘Archway of Triumph,’ part of a foyer space, alongside a glass elevator, that uses materials such as travertine marble, Roman-travertine flooring, bronze smoked mirrors and metal-framed ribbed glazing. The design further incorporates sumptuous leather, luxurious fabrics, wood and deep metal furnishings, all complemented by ornate vintage rugs.


Architect/Designer of the project: ACME,Architects, Cavcorp, Developers.