Tom Ferguson

Aesop Sydney Sensorium

Tom Ferguson
I’m an architect who has gradually segued into a career in photography over the last 15 years. I think to tell the whole story of a building in photos you need to capture everything from intimate details and evidence of habitation, through to architectural hero shots, all in beautiful light.

The Project
Aesop Sydney Sensorium is an architectural installation within the existing Aesop Sydney store on Pitt St. It was designed by Snøhetta and Aesop in collaboration to be a special space within which to experience Aesop’s range of fragrances for home and body. Like all Aesop stores the design strikes a delicate balance between precision and warmth, conveying the ethos behind the brand and its products. My aim with the photos was to simultaneously convey softness and strength.


Architect/Designer and collaborators of the project: Snøhetta, Aesop