Nicole England

AMP Workplace at QQT

Nicole England
Nicole England is a Melbourne-based architecture and interiors photographer who has worked with many of the industry’s top architects and designers, both in Australia and abroad. She has an intimate understanding of light and form, and a sharp eye for composition. Her photography brings the everyday spaces we inhabit into focus, highlighting the artistry and the beauty that is often overlooked.

The Project
I was asked by Hassell to photograph the new home of AMP at Quay Quarter Tower Sydney – a 35,000-square-metre office space across 19 levels. ‘The interior rises via the base building atrium and spiral stairs, with Hassell inserting a series of bridges intersecting across the void; this promotes human scale together with radical transparency at all levels across four ‘vertical villages’. Experiencing such a large workplace by climbing the stairs and passing through the beautiful, greenery-laden vertical villages bring a sense of connection, shared purpose and joy.’ Indesign Live article November 2022.


Architect/Designer of the project: Hassell