Jack Lovel

Vera Hotel

Jack Lovel
Jack Lovel is an architectural photographer based in Melbourne but often found working abroad. His editorial work often features in global publications like Dwell, Vogue Living and Habitus. Alongside his freelance practice, since 2016 Jack has been documenting Iwan Iwannoff’s architectural legacy in Western Australia, culminating in the release of his first book Catching Light. This work was inspired by the Iwanoff-designed Jordanoff house that Jack grew up in.

The Project
The 19th Century heritage building started life as a residence to a prominent Ballarat physician and family. Pitch was entrusted to bring to life and establish a bespoke accommodation in the heart of Ballarat.

Honouring the ethos of adaptive reuse, the grandeur of the mansion is restored and celebrated in the Vera Hotel. The modern injections are carefully considered, and curated in an architectural language that favours restrained but elegant forms. The new structures employ a clean and minimal palette of materials with subdued colours inserted behind the backdrop of the original facade. This contrast draws the viewer’s attention to the symbiosis of the old and the new.


Architect/Designer of the project: Pitch Architects