David Chatfield

State Library of Queensland

David Chatfield
David Chatfield is a photographer from Queensland, Australia who works across architectural, fine-art and travel-based projects. His work with the built environment seeks to extend beyond pure representational documentation to convey the intangible elements of the spatial and social experience while highlighting the interplay between light, shadow, and materiality in contemporary architecture.

The Project
The State Library of Queensland’s architecture is a blend of large public spaces and intimate study zones.

At the heart is The Knowledge Walk, an open-air space that serves as a public gathering place and event venue. Surrounding this are various public spaces, including an art gallery, museum, performance space, and a café. The expansive public areas are designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and community engagement.

In contrast, the library’s study zones are intimate spaces designed for focused research. The design balances public accessibility and private study, making the library a valuable resource for both researchers and the wider community.


Architect/Designer and collaborators of the project: Robin Gibson and Partners (1988) Donovan Hill & Peddle Thorp Architects (2006)