Wave Grate


A new ‘wave’ of innovation for intimate personal space bathroom drainage. The Wave Grate has removed all the negative aspects and ideas of bathroom drains, resolved them, and combined all the positives of linear drains into one single unique high-end aesthetic, while still maintaining a budget friendly price to ensure access and inclusion.

Leveraging the best practice sustainability credentials of the Stormtech range of products, the Wave Grate harnesses Best Environmental Practice PVC components in the channel and insulators. Global GreenTag certified stainless steel channel and fittings, and an absolute focus on utilising Australian sovereign supply of raw materials, and manufacturing equipment. Sovereign Australian supply benefits the environment by reducing the transport necessary.

All the materials are recyclable, and where the components are PVC, Stormtech has employed a cradle to cradle product stewardship take-back service. Aluminium used is mined, refined, processed and finished in Australia ensuring the absolute minimum of transport requirements, as well as Australia’s excellent environmental protections. Aluminium extrusion has been sourced to limit the greenhouse gas consumption during production, but will still need to be improved.

This Wave Grate has employed design thinking to take a niche solution to the masses, rather than compromising a mass solution to a niche.


Photography: Stormtech