Voom Collection

Adam Goodrum for Tait

Soft curves, opposing textures and a hint of Australian nostalgia emerge as subtle considerations in the design of Voom. Partnering with Mokum to showcase the Sole Boucle and Elba outdoor designs, the Voom Collection, is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and includes a lounger, ottoman and tables. It is a modular, versatile and an ergonomic range that mirrors the casual functionality and aesthetic of Australia in the 60’s and 70’s, while melding a minimalist sculptural form and manufacturing integrity.

Unique both in design and materials, the Voom Collection has been created to withstand harsh Australian conditions while providing opportunity for seamless reconfigurations for different functions and occasions. It is a fusion of soft form, versatility and modularity, with the highest quality manufacturing processes and sustainability outcomes considered from end to end to create tactile and lasting pieces.

Predominately made of folded, anti-corrosive aluminium, the collection is both made to manufacture, and made to disassemble, ensuring refurbishment or recycling is a straightforward process if ever required. Aluminium was a natural choice, with its robustness, endless recyclable abilities and 70 per cent recycled content. The local, made-to-order model also means fewer resources are wasted, minimising impact on the environment.


Photography: Derek Swalwell, Haydn Cattach, Timothy Kaye, Tim Allen