Twill Chair

Gibson Karlo for DesignByThem

With its extruded profiles and neatly trimmed ends, Twill by Gibson Karlo is an all-timber stacking chair inspired by the nostalgia of opening a fresh pack of plasticine. Subtle in aesthetic yet generous in practicality, the design stacks four chairs and features a generous seat and sweeping backrest at just the right height to rest your elbows.

Twill Chair has been designed for high-use commercial environments and aims to use materials that will last. It is made from FSC timber so that there is an assurance that the material is sustainably sourced. Solid timber can be repaired and restored in order to prolong the life of the product and avoid adding to landfill. As part of the DesignByThem Stewardship program, at the end of its useful life, the product can be given back to DesignByThem for repair, reuse or recycling. Twill Chair also has a five year commercial warranty, however, it is designed to last longer than this.

Alongside practicality, visual flexibility is key to this design. Twill offers a modern yet classic aesthetic and is available in natural ash, black, silk-grey and ultra blue with custom colours. Optional upholstered seat pads are also available to add a soft touch and texture to the piece.


Photography: Pete Daly