Created by Alexander Lotersztain for the Australian furniture brand Derlot, Pipeline is a modular seating system that seamlessly adapts to any setting. Created as a seating system with a distinctive look that is both practical and visually striking. The cylindrical backrest of the Pipeline seating system offers comfort and support while adding a unique design element that draws the eye.

Inspired by the playful contours of  ’70s playpen lounges, the sofa system offers a range of configurations, lending itself to both elegant and playful arrangements. With a focus on fostering connectivity and bringing people together, this seating system represents an innovative approach to contemporary design.

The Pipeline seating collection has been crafted to the same exacting standards that govern the production of all Derlot products. These standards reflect the company’s commitment to exceptional quality, design excellence, and environmental responsibility. The collection is manufactured in Australia, in partnership with selected manufacturing partners. Additionally, the Pipeline collection has been certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), attesting to its sustainability credentials and its compatibility with sustainable procurement policies.


Photography: Florian Groehn, 3D Render: Rodrigo Rabaco