Ross Gardam

Méne celebrates our sense of awe of the celestial. The pendant appears as a lunar apparition, floating in mid- air. Crafted with mouth blown glass, the collection reveals the individual and unique texture of subtly illuminated glass. Méne’s rippled form is the result of the studio’s continual experimentations with traditional optic glass blowing techniques and innovative engineering. The result is a one of a kind glass texture within every luminaire produced. The table lamp’s glass elements simply rest on top of each other, allowing the lunar form of the Méne shade to float. Each glass shade is mouth blown in Australia and hand assembled in our Melbourne based studio.

All fixtures utilise the latest in efficient LED technology. A heat sink system and glass mounting system was developed and this allows for removable and replaceable LEDs to ensure product longevity. All glass is blown in Australia at the Jam Factory in South Australia.

Each piece builds on the learning from the piece before and as designers and manufacturers we strive to innovate in every product that is created.


Photography: Haydn Cattach