F.A.W.L Lighting

Williams Burton Leopardi in collaboration with Handmade & Found

What was developed in response to the needs of a particular project, quickly evolved into an extension of our own ethos as a practice – to engage local crafts people, and to create something unique. In developing an identifiably Adelaide sensibility and remaining local, F.A.W.L Lighting (From Adelaide With Love), represents and captures contemporary practice. In collaboration with Handmade & Found, together with artists Llewelyn Ash, Ebony Heidenreich and Yuro Cuchor, the pieces see each contributor leave their own individual mark on the spaces they inhabit.

By engaging a more honed focus on what is being made locally, and by activating the makers and artists that live nearby, the design is centred around remaining and celebrating local. Wastage is reduced through the use of high quality materials (brass, glass, and French slip porcelain) and the off-cuts can be recycled and reused. Time is reduced between prototyping as meetings and workshop visits along with installation can be arranged at any time, increasing overall efficiencies. And most importantly, through raising the profile of the artists involved and shining the light on the local design community, a broader benefit for the integrity and importance of the Arts, is created. By focusing on the reverberating environmental, economic and social effects of the F.A.W.L. Collection, the benefits have the potential to be bountiful.


Photography: Caroline Cameron