Alhambra Table

Daniel Boddam

Inspired by designer Daniel Boddam’s travels in Granada during his formative years, the Alhambra Table explores sacred geometries found in nature and echoed in Alhambra Palace’s monumental architecture. The table’s unique structure brings together hexagonal, circular, and triangular motifs, with vertical legs reworking the Palace’s signature turrets and bell tower.

Alhambra Table is a considered design that celebrates quality materials, longevity and greater repair potential. Made in Australia, the Alhambra Table is available as a singular side table, coffee table and hall stand as well as smaller nesting tables.

Users are invited to become active participants in the design process, embracing opportunities to foster social accountability and improve user experience. This made to order model allows for flexibility and innovation. Customisation is offered to ensure the final product can effectively support the individual’s needs before production commences.The made to order model also eliminates the risk of overproduction and material wastage.

Alhambra Table is built using materials with proven lasting power, durability, and recyclable qualities. The design celebrates greater repair potential and offers a range of adaptations to suit the end user’s needs. We see the collection as a future heirloom that can be enjoyed by the next generation.


Photography: Kelly Geddes, Styling by Claire Delmar