The Chandelion: 3D Printed Upcycled Chandelier for Chanel Sustainability


The Chanel Chandelier is a lightweight and elegant structure of reclaimed iconic perfume bottles forming a delicate spherical body while the dandelions inspire the mathematical geodesic geometry of a 3D polar array. The project’s ethos is to demonstrate artistic ways to extend the life cycle of ordinary commodities, turning them into beautiful art pieces by introducing digital technologies in design and manufacturing.

Spanning 1.5 metres in diameter, the “Chandelion” design encompasses a total of 153 bottles, three-dimensionally nested, utilising 3D Printing technology. There are three aspects to the design and manufacture of the light, firstly, the dodecahedral central core guarantees adequate stability and precise positioning of each bottle in space. Manufactured in PLA from corn, it creates zero waste in production as the design does not require a removable scaffolding for printing. Secondly, thin tubular profiles, upcycled from aluminium cans, transfers the load from the bottles to the core and finally, new perfume caps have been 3D printed to create a strong bond between the bottle and the slender profiles.

The result is a beautiful art piece that can be hoisted or rest on a pedestal, allowing for rotation. This creates multiple nuanced effects with the changing light conditions and reflections through the glass.

This design exemplifies new ways to repurpose quotidian products that would otherwise become waste , raising awareness of the possibilities of re-use to create glamorous designs that fulfil a circular economy paradigm.


Photography: Fabian Ong.