Chris Connell Design

SSCC22 is a timeless and transferable timber chair that was conceptualised during the design process of a hospitality project undertaken by the practice. SSCC22 has materialised into a resolved and adaptable design solution, simultaneously crafting a unique identity of its own that can be implemented in other commercial or residential interiors.

SSCC22 is a great example of local manufacturing combined with bespoke craftsmanship creating an artisan quality product. The simplification of material choice and timeless profile made for a chair that can be relevant to numerous environments. This is evident in the variations of SSCC22, the first, the classic design where the frame stands tall and proud through an exposed open timber back. The second option showcases fabric webbing to match the seat that extends across the entire backrest and lastly, the chair has been designed with detachable hand-made leather seat pads that add an extra layer of comfort and luxury. These modifications emphasise the flexibility of the range with continuous additions, such as the SSCC22 stool, also part of this collection. SSCC22 is also designed to be stackable.

From concept to creation, the entire manufacturing and prototyping process was three months. This highlights that despite challenging lead times due to the current global circumstances, great results can be achieved when sourcing and manufacturing locally.


Photography: Earl Carter.