Second Life #2

Eugenie Kawabata

Eugenie Kawabata’s Second Life #2 is a collection of one-off vessels/vases. The collection is inspired by the Ancient Greek amphora that challenges the perceptions of materiality and utility.

Second Life investigates the end-of-life potential of upholstery waste, as it is reborn and reimagined with new vitality and vigour. Each piece is handcrafted and finished and uses a casting technique that Kawabata has developed over the last three and a half years.

Using upholstery fabric off-cuts, acrylic paint, resin and gold leaf, these watertight vessels explore the relationship between form, colour, materiality, the new and the old and the aesthetics of surprise. The use of bold colour and patternation replaced the illustrative embellishments used in ancient times and gold leaf was used to elevate the perception of value when using waste material.

The unconventional making processes developed for the production of the Second Life #2 vessels helped to create unique sculptural pieces. The processes used were to enhance the inherent qualities of the materials and acknowledge the relationship between form, colour and materiality.

Second Life #2 vessels demonstrate a progressive approach to design by creating new production processes in order to work with materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.


Photography: Adrian Lander.