Derlot Group

Mochi, named after the smooth and soft Japanese rice cake that invites good fortune, is a playful and versatile collection of five seating elements that can be arranged to create a number of configurations to blend perfectly into every setting, whether residential or commercial.

The design intent with Mochi was to create an elegant and impactful form, an upholstered sofa collection with a level of comfort that blurs the boundaries of residential aesthetics and commercial qualities. Now, more than ever, soft, residential-focused commercial / workplace furniture is required as we transition back to the public realm post COVID and it is the small comforts, and feeling of home that will be missed. The Mochi collection of seating aims to “soften” the return to normality.

The product’s construction, although hidden by its “easy form”, has a number of innovations that have been developed to achieve a level of comfort that balances form and function for commercial use through elements that are soft and humble yet strong and durable. The construction of the frame and the “link” between the seat and backrest, ensures that the two separate volumes combine as one.

The Mochi collection meets construction sustainability credentials and is GECA certified with local Australian manufacturing partners based in Melbourne, Australia.


Photography: Alexander Lotersztain.