Maki Chair

Adam Cornish Design for Cantarutti

The Maki Chair aims to be honest and accessible, a “chair for the people” philosophy that has been used in design classics like the Volkswagen Beetle and other iconic products. The design process was driven by wanting to create a strong aesthetic that was elegant while employing simple and tactical materials that could recycled, age well and add character over time.

The Maki Chair is a simple exercise in reduction, a chair stripped back to the essentials. The construction driven design approach has created efficient and elegant components that work harmoniously to create a unique stacking chair. The design is realised by a unique juncture concealed on the underside of the chair. Although hidden during normal use, this convergence enables a clean seamless connection of componentry and conceals all fasteners and hardware.

The chair’s laminated plywood backrest is a thin ribbon-like structure that loops laterally through the chair, creating a distinct silhouette and enabling efficient vertical stacking.The visual language of the chair is both soft and lyrical juxtaposed by practical elements which allow for both residential and commercial applications. The unique metal leg juncture enables high stacking efficiency suitable for auditorium seating and other high volume applications.

The Maki Chair has been designed to work within the circular economy principles. Each material and component has been designed for disassembly and individual replacement and separately recycled. All materials were chosen for their environmental and recycling capabilities.


Photography: Mattia Balsamini.