Fjord Table

Helen Kontouris

The Fjord Table pairs a sculptural and voluptuous form with a lightly textured enamelled aluminium coloured finish balanced seamlessly on a circular disc base. Named after the narrow cliffs along the Norwegian coastline, the Fjord Table perfectly balances the freedom of sitting between lounge chairs or a lightweight, convenient, and versatile table in residences or office environments. Fjord Table answers to an increasing need for furniture that actively considers user experience with the flexibility to focus on work, relaxation, and being socially engaged.

At its essence, the Fjord Table incorporates a human-centred design. Utilising 3D CAD simulations, weight distribution, strength analysis, and on-site research within commercial interiors and residences, and with 23 human subjects to test that the table provided optimal functionality, versatility, comfort, autonomy and balanced safety, guaranteed the excellent outcome.

The Fjord Table’s lightweight yet durable aluminium construction combined with a powder-coated enamelled finish without no additional visible fixings ensured the sculptural purity of form, sitting elegantly between lounges or directly in front of you.

The Fjord Table is designed sustainably from solid, cut, and curved aluminium plates that are non-combustible, non-toxic with low energy enamelled powder coating that’s free from VOC’s while being 100 per cent recyclable. Production sustains the longevity of local manufacturing and skills.


Photography: Len Studio.