DOCK Seating Bench & Side Table


DOCK is a seating bench that can connect harmoniously with a matching side table allowing for an array of multiple components. Both components work as solitaires as well and this makes DOCK suitable for domestic or commercial and hospitality settings.

The original concept was to design a seating bench with a matching side table. Pieces that were functional yet poetic however, the key challenge was to design a bench and side table that looked highly distinctive to anything else on the market and pieces that combine both functionality and play with geometric forms and colour.

In a linear setting it can cater for social distancing, which has become almost paramount in contemporary bench design but both components work well as solitaires. Inspired by nautical dock cleats on a pier, DOCK is an archetypal monolithic seating bench with a matching side table consisting of tubular extrusions penetrating each other in a perpendicular manner. The horizontal cut in half extrusion creates a flat surface while the bench’s upholstered top completes the tubular form. The opposite angled ends allow for a seamless connection between both components. The forms look archaic and simple but are actually hard to realise with timber based materials. The carcass consists of an array of half circle cut eco-ply rips that connect to the whole, saving on resources compared to a solid full timber construction. A thin bendable timber veneer serves as the top finish. The coloured surface is two-pack and the finish is low VOC.


Photography: Martin Cedes.