Sundae Lounges by Jason Ju for DesignByThem

Jason Ju for DesignByThem

Sundae Lounges, voluminous in form and character blurs the line between residential and commercial furniture and brings an immediate sense of comfort, playfulness and familiarity to its environment. Made in Australia, Sundae offers commercial-grade armchairs, lounges and ottomans in your choice of upholstery.

The initial processes for the Sundae range began by focusing on the armchair as the statement piece to inform the larger configurations. It was imperative that comfort be designed into the aesthetic and so rounded profiles were sculpted throughout the form to enhance the softness of the upholstered exterior. The low height and deeper seat combined with generous curves give the design a modest and inviting presence with a playful character

Sundae utilises a steel skeletal substructure for the arms and back with low VOC green star-rated foam that is able to be recycled after use. The base structure consists of FSC plywood and utilises a spring system for the seat in order to provide maximum comfort and support.

The Sundae range shows innovation in adaptivity and clever, lean construction without compromising on aesthetic, craftsmanship and personality. Sundae offers a product in the market that is highly versatile, customisable and creates an immediately familiar and welcoming connection with the user.


Photography: Pete Daly