PEAK Inverted Incense Burner


The PEAK Inverted Incense Burner for ROU turns the quiet practice of burning incense on its head by re-imagining the way that incense behaves with the built environment.

Concealing the incense stick inside a minimal, handcrafted aluminium vessel, the polished brass lid allows for a gentle flow of smoke and fragrance to emerge and as the incense burns, the ash collects in the base of the vessel. The PEAK burner is a timeless object that will develop its own unique patina over time and reflect the characteristics of its materials.

PEAK Inverted Incense Burner considers the ritual and process of burning incense and is a unique object that celebrates materiality, local manufacturing and the value of good design. The PEAK is a signature ROU object, meticulously designed and crafted to celebrate the art of ritual and demonstrates a user-centred approach to object design, placing the function and user interaction at the core of the concept.

The PEAK Inverted Incense Burner literally flips the usual narrative and delivers a truly unique sensory experience.


Photography: Courtesy of SKEEHAN Studio