Maddox System

Savage Design

The Maddox system is designed to aesthetically work in homes and offices and its modularity means it can be customised to suit its space and purpose.

Maddox involves six main components. Each piece has been designed and manufactured in-house and variations of the six components enable the system to provide solutions for the specific requirements of each client for shelving, display units, bookcases, wardrobe systems, hanging racks, towel rails, foot rails, coat hooks, balustrading and more.

Maddox is available in marine grade stainless steel, aged bronze and brass and these premium and solid materials have been selected to highlight their own unique properties making the materiality a feature of the unit.

The six individual components are engineered to assemble like a Meccano set, creating unique solutions for multiple requirements. Five of the components are standard and do not change but through altering the length of the rail (one component) the whole product can be arranged in different formats to produce custom pieces.

The Maddox system, as with all Savage Design products, is produced in-house in Sydney. All raw materials, consumables and tooling used are locally sourced, where possible. All material by-products are upcycled or recycled. The majority of the factory’s energy comes from in-house solar panels. These production standards coupled with the considered design approach are the foundations Savage Design build from to design, manufacture and create sustainable products.


Photography: Fiona Susanto