Life Cycle

Nathan Yong Design

Life Cycle is a study in sustainable design and seeks to explore a narrative that pragmatism in material choice and approach can result in simple and honest beauty. The collection features material such as sustainable American red oak, maple and cherry and the unusual shapes are created to engage the viewer and in turn, create a dialogue between subject, object and space.

Creating a harmonious range of furniture using three of the most readily available, but underused, timbers from the USA, red oak, hard maple and cherry, highlights the positive environmental impact of good design. The designs use the material simply and effectively while also confronting the viewer to accept that a balance of pragmatism in design and material choice results in honest beauty.

Each and every piece in the collection has undergone a full environmental life cycle analysis. That is a calculation of the environmental impact of the piece from the point of extraction of the tree in the USA to the completion of the design at the manufacturing point in Malaysia.

Life Cycle challenges the expectation of furniture aesthetics and demonstrates how simplicity of shapes and wood panels can be constructed to still function well, look beautiful and importantly, have a minimal cost to the environment.


Photography: Courtesy Nathan Yong Design