Indre by Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Rakumba with Nikolai Kotlarczyk

The design of Indre takes inspiration from the suspended catenary streetlights and cobbled stone streets of designer Nikolai Kotlarczyk’s home city, Copenhagen, Indre’s form departs from the purely pared-back and minimal and draws on nostalgia and decoration for its aesthetic

The collection delivers beauty through its delicately rendered double-wall glass capsules that cradles the floating internal lights. Through the expertise of experienced glass craftspeople, each glass capsule employs complex forming methods that had not previously been attempted in production volumes and at such a scale in mouth blown technical glass. Individual capsules are connected by the lines of an interlinking rod system anchored with stone or timber detailing. Indre’s extensive modularity allows the series to adapt to infinite scenarios – singular pendants and table lamps, linear compositions for reception, dining or bar settings, and grand multi-tiered chandeliers for large voids.

Sustainable design strategies are also incorporated at a fundamental level; with cutting edge LEDs for a 20+ year lifespan, energy-efficiency and lighting with minimal glare and replaceable parts without total disassembly. Materials will not degrade over time, can be dismantled simply and recycled effectively and the ultra-compact packed form helps to reduce embodied shipping energy and increase freight efficiency. The modularity enables resultant forms to be reconfigured easily to adapt to new spaces instead of being discarded.

Indre is a contemporary lighting collection encapsulating nostalgia, decoration and elegance.


Photography: Nicole Reed, Rakumba