Hand Carved Marble Lights

Rooshad Shroff

This collection of Hand Carved Marble Lights pushes the boundaries of material as well as techniques of making.

The process for the creation of the Hand Carved Marble Lights is intensive. Firstly, blocks of white Makrana marble are hollowed out into individual bulbs or tubes of six-millimetre thickness. A tube is then fitted with strip LEDs, nine watt in the one inch tubes and 18 watt in the two inch tubes respectively, and then the surface of each light is individually carved by a Jaipur artisan. The finished form is so thin that light passes through and reflects the exterior pattern.

The collection consists of a number of iterations, using the bulb and tube as the main light source. In the bulb range there are hanging, table mounted and floor lights with three bulb swivels. The Tube collection comprises pendants, wall mounted lights, table and floor lamps All the fixtures are made of solid brass and engraved with the studio logo.

Through its process, the Hand Carved Marble Light collection pays homage to the material, time required to carve each object and the traditional Indian artisans and their carving techniques and skills. The thinness of the final product and the complexity and intricacy of each design and pattern creates a beautiful object to be cherished and admired.


Photography: Vinay Pajwani