Flask Lighting System

Edward Linacre for Copper

The Flask System is a highly modular and adaptable lighting system with the unique feature of a glass luminaire that is customisable in colour, size and shape. Developed in response to a demand for bespoke lighting product, the system redefines the idea of custom-made lighting in Australia through its near limitless options of configuration and customisation, a cost-effective made-to-order manufacturing process, and a model for efficient collaborative design.

The Flask Lighting System’s core innovation is the luminaire, or ‘Flask’, that comprises a tempered glass outer vessel, an opal acrylic tube light diffuser, and the latest in dedicated LED technology. The entire unit is customisable and made-to-order, and there are a magnitude of colours, sizes and extruded glass profiles from which to choose.

The Flask Lighting System strictly adheres to sustainability design principles that include utilising the latest in energy efficient technology, design for ease of disassembly, recycling, repair, part replacement and installation. Every component is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia, to the highest standard. The Flask System can be reconfigured after the project it was created for – to suit the next – thereby extending its afterlife and longevity.

The Flask System enables more time for collaboration and creative exploration, puts the paintbrush in the hand of the client, and empowers the artform of illumination.


Photography: Kimberly Low, Kristoffer Paulsen, Sean Fennessy, Matt Wood