The Embossed Acoustic Panel collection by Woven Image

Woven Image

Woven Image’s embossed panel collection comprises of Zen, Ion and Gem; tactile three-dimensional acoustic interior wall panels. An innovation in non-woven wall panelling, the range is specially designed to provide a floor-to-ceiling acoustic solution for commercial interiors, which interweaves cutting-edge design with sustainability and acoustic performance. At 2.8 metres high, these panels provide a seamless acoustic wall solution for commercial interiors. Despite the intricacy of the designs, the panels pattern-match for both continuous wall and double-height installations. They have been manufactured using repurposed obsolete machinery to achieve the innovative embossed surface design – a process that was over three years in the making – and all achieved in a carbon neutral production facility.

The Embossed Panel collection exemplifies Woven Image’s product stewardship and circular approach to product design. Made from over 60 per cent recycled PET, each embossed panel produced diverts 235 x 600 millilitre single-use plastic bottles from global landfill and waterways. Colour is added to the molten bottle flakes before extrusion thereby reducing water consumption and effluent production in the manufacturing process.

Embossed Panels have been certified by Global GreenTag ensuring the products’ ingredients, supply chain and manufacture have been assessed for environmental, social and Building Code compliance. A GreenRate Level A has been awarded which equates to a 100 per cent ‘Sustainability Factor’ in the Green Star AU, NZ & SA rating tools’ sustainable product credits.

Since their launch in 2020, the colour palette has already been extended in line with global colour trend forecasts. To date, project applications include walls, operable walls, workstation screens and in acoustic lighting design.


Photography: Courtesy of Woven Image