Betwixt Café Ceramic Crockery

Concept Black

Betwixt Café Ceramic Crockery was created to support the Betwixt Café’s branding and design. Concept Black designed a collection of ceramics that included coffee cups, latte and expresso, water jugs, teapots and timber trays to complement the aesthetics of the modern Japanese café.

As key components of the cafe’s promotion and unique product showcase, the centrepiece of the design within the ceramics is the blue coloured coffee cup which is neither blue or green but somewhere in between the two colours. Incorporating subtle branding to the product was also important.

The focus was on hand made objects that would reflect the architecture and design of the space and the process was a collaborative one that included the architect, the client and artisan workshops. In order to achieve perfect resolution of the products, the Concept Black design team travelled to Yogjakarta, Indonesia to work with a local Indonesian ceramic pottery workshop to create the crockery set for the cafe. As the products are handmade each is unique and different to the other and make a creative statement that is a celebration of the artisan to create a finishing touch for the project.


Photography: Concept Black