Zachary Hanna for nau

The Object

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Stack combines the functionality of several living room objects into one simple yet refined product – a lamp, a bookshelf and a side table. Crafted from solid natural timber with seamlessly integrated wiring, Stack is a thoughtful, timeless and unique object that simplifies home living. Its sculptural plywood shade that hides the LED halo creates soft, diffused light, gently illuminating its strong and defined structure.

Stack is a response to the open brief of the Mercedes Benz Design Awards – design a piece for the living space, from coffee tables and lamps to entertainment units and footrests. This was responded to by identifying common experiences in the living space, and how these could be improved. By recognising the common pairing of side tables with table lamps, these separate elements were reconciled into one piece.

The form stemmed from a tapered oblong with voids subtracted to create various surfaces and lampshades. The entire process was carried out with nau’s aesthetic in mind, to ensure the end result complements the brand’s design ethos: reductive in form, honest in materiality and timeless in style.

The idea wasn’t to make the ‘next version’ of a floor lamp. Rather, the process stemmed from a reflection on how people arrange their living spaces – how they use them and how that could be improved. From this process, it was easy to understand that a piece of furniture that could store reading material, give you a surface to hold your current novel, or a cup of coffee, and then illuminate those different activities, could become an interesting piece of furniture.

The resulting design is defined by the duplicity of what it aims to achieve: to combine different household objects in the living space, juxtaposed with the simplicity of the final product. Stack is intentionally designed with LED lighting elements that use less power, create less heat, and have a longer lifespan.

Photography: Mike Baker